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I'm new here... I do what I want | When baby won't sleep.

This is Aisling - and she is perfect! I met her when she was just 11 days old. This sweet angel slept so soundly for the first hour of her session. She was an absolute dream to photograph! And then... she woke up...

And you know what... she was still absolute perfection <3 Bright, gorgeous eyes looking up at me - a slow blink and tiny little lips moving like she has so much she wants to say to me.

When you find out your little one is on the way, most mommies start their pinterest boards even before they find their photographer. So, I totally get it. You've scoured the internet to find the perfect photographer for you, and you see on the website these sweet, soundly sleeping little ones that have been posed to perfection.

And you want that! My job is to help you get that, which is why when you book a session with me we have a consultation in which I tailor each session to your unique family. We choose props and colors to match your aesthetic, and sometimes the season, while still keeping the signature style that you've hired me for.

I give step by step instructions on preparing baby, and family, for your special day, and if followed, typically give us a happy, sleepy little nugget. But like I always say... babies do what they want!

And I'm prepared for that - so you don't have to be! You've followed the directions, you're ready for your session, I arrive... and baby. won't. sleep. But it's ok.

I promise! I have multiple poses for awake babies. AND we get to see their eyes, that most likely won't stay the same forever. We get to see personality and expressions!

I actually hope that baby wakes up for at least a shot or two at every session in the hope of capturing these details. So, keep in mind, you may not get your "froggy pose", although this sweet girl did.

But what I promise you will get from a session with me is gorgeous photos of your new little one, just the way they are <3 their perfect little selves.

Congratulations, Ally & Taylor, on your new little family of 3!

I mean family of 4 :)

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