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Question: Can I still have a newborn session with my one month old?? Answer: Absolutely!

Hi, blue eyes <3

Aren't you the sweetest!

This is Calum, and he is just precious! I had the honor of meeting him and his family when this little guy was 4 weeks old. Many times, when people are booking newborn sessions with me, they ask when they should schedule their session. I usually like to shoot when baby is 8-12 days old... but guess what... there are so many factors that can change that time frame - most of which are out of our control.

And that's OK! So I want to tell you all, not to worry. Even if your little one is a little bit older, you still deserve newborn photos!

They still have that fresh new look, that heavenly baby smell, and they are still as perfect as can be!

Trust me, you will want to remember this time! This phase is so short, and so special. So even if you think you've waited too long to set up a session, as long as baby is under 3 months, we can do it!

They might be a little bit bigger, they might be awake a little more, but that's OK too!

That means, they might actually fit into a special outfit you have chosen for them.

They can still use the larger props and wraps that I have to fit larger babies.

AND they will also give us expressions we wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Congratulations Michaela & Steve on your perfect little family of 3. And thank you so much for choosing me to capture this beautiful milestone for you!

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