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Eleanor | You're in Good Hands : The importance of safety education!

Just look at this sweet face! This sweet baby girl was an absolute dream to photograph. I got through all of my set ups and intended poses for her session, which doesn't happen very often! We prepare in every way possible and really hope for a happy, sleepy baby... but it can't always happen. But since this little one was content in every way, this is the perfect time for me to talk safety in newborn photography.

Many moms come into their session with requests for poses, outfits, special props, etc. I LOVE to include anything special that mom or dad may want to include, but I always make sure to stress to them that I will only use it if it is safe to do so. Many times, when people are requesting use of special props or specific poses, they don't realize that it is what we in the industry call composite photography. My hands are on baby at all times to ensure baby's safety! The most popular example of a composite shot is the froggy pose.

How sweet are they with their squishy little cheeks in their hands?! I adore this pose, but I always tell parents that babies don't always like it. I only perform this pose if baby is very settled, and I'll only attempt it twice. If baby shows that she doesn't like it in any way I move on immediately. I also want to reiterate, that this image is 100% Photoshop work. Babies do not naturally sit in this position. Ever. Here are the images that I used to make this image:

There is no pressure on baby in any way. She is fully supported and comfortable. I know this takes away a little of the magic, but it is important to hire a professional that has your baby's safety at the forefront of the session.

When I decided to get in to newborn photography, the first thing I did was educate myself. Being a mother myself, I know a lot about babies, however, safety in photography is something completely different. When posing there are certain angles you have to get, so moving these brand new little ones is important! Sometimes it's just a lift of the chin, but there is so much that goes into that! So, once I educated myself some (the internet is an amazing tool... but it's not enough!), I also took classes and attended workshops on posing, shooting and safety.

After all, that is your whole world you are trusting me with! You have literally handed me your heart and are trusting me to capture the sweetest details of your most precious gift. From their tiny little hairs all the way down to their sweet little toes.

I love spending time with your babies, and they have a pretty good time with me too! They don't call me the baby whisperer for nothing :) But most importantly, your babies are safe in my arms... and in my buckets :)

(This bucket is counter weighted and my hand has been removed from baby's head for this shot.)

So, when people ask why my sessions are 3 hours long, it's because I take my time and make sure baby is comfortable and supported. And when people ask why it takes so long to get your images back, it's because I usually have some extensive Photoshop work on the back end. But it is important to me, that at the end of your session, I place your baby back in your arms, right where she belongs, knowing that she is safe and has had a wonderful first photo experience.

Congratulations, Alli & Joe, on your perfect baby girl - and thank you for trusting me with your whole heart <3

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