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Gabriel | 12 Days New

Oh, sweet Gabriel, you're here!

And you're more than your family could have ever hoped for <3 I know we just met, but I have many hopes for you.

I hope the world shows you just how incredibly special you are.

I know these three will.

I hope you enjoy exploring the world and getting in to mischief with your amazing big sister. You two have so many adventures in front of you.

She loves you fiercely.

I hope you grow and learn and achieve all that you desire.

And know you'll have help along the way if you need it.

And I hope you feel just how much you are loved. You've only been here for a short time, but you have been loved for so much longer. From every single hair on the top of your head, down to each tiny toe you have... you are adored.

Congratulations Emily & Mike on your brand new baby boy. He fits perfectly into your hands - and your hearts.

And welcome to the world, sweet boy.

You're going to love it here <3

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