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Parker | Little brother, Big love

Hi, baby <3

Look how perfectly you fit in to these hands - right where you were always meant to be.

I just loved seeing this sweet family again! Photographing siblings in this beautiful newborn stage is one of my favorite things about my job. I just love when I'm posing and I get to say, "Wow! You look like your brother here!" That happened a few times in this session.

But the best part of this session, was seeing big brother, Carter, with his forever best friend.

He is going to be the best big brother ever. Guaranteed.

I can't wait for them discover the world together!

Congratulations, Erin & Nick, on your adorable baby boy

He's perfect <3 and everything you could have hoped for and more.

Thank you, so much, for asking me to capture this amazing time in your lives - for the second time.

And welcome to the world, sweet Parker. We're so happy you're here!

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