Charlee Turns 4

Welcome to Sketchbook Photography's brand new blog! This is my very first blog post! And how fitting to have this beautiful little thing featured in my first post since I have been photographing her since the very beginning!

When we met, Charlee was brand new and my little business was just starting to take off. She was the sweetest little baby I had seen since my own was born just a year and a half before. Born with a cleft lip and palate, Charlee girl is also one of the strongest girls I know. She has overcome so much in the short time she's been here, with the help of her awesome parents, Jennifer & Aric. This little family is so full of love for one another and the people around them. I am blessed to know them <3

This is Charlee at her first birthday (Cookies & Milk theme!)

And this is Charlee this past Christmas with her Mom & Dad.

I cannot believe that Charlee is 4! She has grown so fast! It seems like just yesterday she was sleeping in her little swing, and now she's tall and sassy and such a cool kid. On photoshoot day, it was HOT! I'm not talking a little warm... I'm talking humid and gross. But Charlee was amazing!

She was full of smiles and poses! She handled the heat like a pro!

Jennifer always has the cutest ideas for Charlee's birthday themes! I'm always so excited to hear what they are going to be each year. Some of my favorites include the cookie and milk theme pictured above and the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme last year. When Jennifer told me that this year was mermaids I couldn't wait to get out on this beach by the river!

There were so many people out in the river swimming and lounging on the beach, but it worked out perfectly that this little corner of the beach had no one around! The water was nice and cool and Charlee had the best time playing in it. In fact, little miss independent was definitely lucky that mom brought a change of clothes. She wanted to get ALL the way in! :)

This session was so fun to plan with Jennifer, because not only were we planning for a girl who is near and dear to my heart, but there was just so much opportunity! And Jennifer thought of everything, from seashells and nets to seahorses and dinglehoppers...

I can't wait until next year's theme! Although that will mean our Charlee girl will be one year older. Stop growing already! Haha! Part of me wishes they will stay little forever, but there is also that part of me that is so proud of the smart, loving people that our children become.

That's why I love photos so much, we can freeze time and hold onto moments while watching our children grow and learn and become amazing people <3

Thanks for reading Sketchbook Photography's first ever blog post!

Until next time...


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