Baby Luke | 10 Days New

Welcome aboard sweet baby boy!

When Little Luke's Mom, Christy told me that the theme of his nursery was nautical, I couldn't resist putting together this little set up! How sweet is he?? There's not much better than a little newbie snoozing away in a mini boat :)

Snuggles from Mom. Look at that sweet smile! This is the first of few smiles that Luke gave us during his session.

Little Luke slept through the first 2 hours of his session like a good baby model does :) Then he showed us his big brown eyes for the rest! He has such a beautiful relaxed look! And He's so comfortable snuggled up with his dad, Ted.

Here is another smile with those big beautiful eyes open! Seriously, I melt :)

Baby Luke was so cooperative throughout his entire session. Ted and Christy now have two beautiful boys to love and I'm so happy for them and their new family of 4!

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