Baby Mason | 9 Days New

Welcome Baby Mason! We've been waiting for you...

I was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph this little guy at 2 days old and then again at 9 days old! At his fresh 48 session he was a little squirmy, but all in all a pretty content baby. By his newborn session, he totally got the memo that he is supposed to be a super happy, sleepy baby. He totally rocked this session. One of my favorite things in the whole world is a squishy, sleeping baby. So I was in heaven for the entire three hours I got to spend with him.

Now, you know that I was excited to spend some time with baby Mason, but there are two handsome boys that I think are worth mentioning that are very excited that he is here. Biggest brother, Logan is definitely happy with his new baby brother, and big brother, Evan is coming around on the idea :) I met Logan when he was just 6 months old, so it was awesome for me to see him in this big brother role. He's such a funny kid and very sweet. Evan I just met a few months ago, and let me tell you, he has got the best smile! He's not the biggest fan of me and my camera, but I'm quick ;) No hard feelings, buddy.

Meet Jessica, beautiful mama to these sweet boys! I was so excited that she asked me to photograph this special time for her family. She and Brian are so lucky! It may look like her hands are full with these three wild and crazy boys, but it's really her heart that is full <3 #boymomextraordinaire

Look at all of that hair! I love furry babies haha!

Now I will leave you with a few solo photos of this sweet boy so we can all have a baby fix. #yourewelcome

Just a side note, if anyone can pull off a knit giraffe hat, it's this guy. I totally think he should sport one every day. #justsayin

Happy birthday, Mason. You are so loved.

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