Baby Luke | 12 Days New

Baby Luke is here!

Talk about a sweet and snuggly baby boy! And what's even more important is that he has two big brothers that have been waiting for him <3 <3 <3

Seriously I cannot get enough of these three! Biggest brother Ben is such a sweet guy, and the best big brother! He is so gentle with baby Luke and loves to hold him. Big brother Own is pretty busy, so he doesn't have as much time to snuggle, but he had a couple kisses for his baby brother. This family is so fun and so kind, we had an all around great photo shoot! Luke slept through the entire first half and was in and out for the rest. He's a pretty content little guy.

Meet Beth, mother of 3 extremely photogenic boys...

Isn't she gorgeous?? She and Jason are quite the team! With three boys as busy as these, they never have a dull moment! They are so so lucky :)

I hope they are all settling in nicely as a new family of 5 and enjoy this time with their new baby boy. Before we know it he will be up and running with his brothers! They are going to be a fun bunch :)

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