Baby Edie | 10 Days New

Look who came by the studio yesterday :)

Sweet baby Edie just couldn't wait to meet her family! She arrived a few days early with the most gorgeous head of hair I think I've ever seen on an infant... or anyone! Who am I kidding, I want hair like that <3 She is an absolutely stunning baby girl with the sweetest baby rolls and perfectly pouty lips. And she already has so many people to love her... what a lucky little lady!

She slept like an angel for the first 40-50 minutes of her session. She was wonderful! Then little Edie had a bit of a difficult time settling in for her session, but it was nothing that a little bit of mommy snuggles couldn't fix.

Ok, seriously... those toes! There are few things that melt my heart more than sweet baby feet! To think that something so tiny is so strong!

And finally, once mama had calmed her, she opened her big beautiful eyes for the world to see. Perfection.

Welcome to the world baby girl, we've been waiting for you <3

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