Baby Abigail | 6 Days New

Over the weekend, I got to spend a full three hours with this beautiful baby girl. And let me tell you, she is absolute perfection...

Perfect fingers, perfect toes - snuggly little bundle sent here to fit perfectly into this beautiful little family that has been waiting for her.

When I arrived, Abby had a morning snack and then slept like an angel for most of the session, as any good baby model does. She has so many cute baby rolls to show off and cheeks for days!

She even had quite a few smiles for us!

Meet Jaime, mama to Abby and Charlotte. Doesn't she look gorgeous holding that baby girl? She is just radiating love snuggling both of her girls. Happiness looks great on her!

Dad, Jason looks like he's loving every minute of being with his girls too! He has pretty full hands, but a VERY full heart with all of these girls in his life.

There is so much love that these four have for each other it was so fun to be welcomed into their home to witness it. Big sister Charlotte is sweet and fun and her smile is so refreshing! I can tell that she and baby sister are going to be having so much fun together soon!

Welcome to the world baby Abigail! Your family has been waiting for you and now you and Charlotte are their whole world... you're going to love it here :)

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