Jacob | 30 Days New

This teeny tiny pumpkin just couldn't wait to be here with his family <3

At 33 weeks Mr Jacob decided that he couldn't wait any longer for snuggles with his mommy, so on October 12 this 2 lb 15 oz nugget of perfection made his way into this world.

The day that I posted Julie and Jason's Maternity blog post, I had no idea that he would be born that evening!

One thing is for sure though, this sweet baby boy is a fighter! He spent 27 days in the hospital just growing and growing and growing some more! He got stronger and bigger and rocked his tests. He really wanted to come home :)

He was a rockstar for his session also! This is the first shot! Perfectly calm, eyes wide and soooo content. For anyone who has ever taken a newborn baby's photos, you know that this is rare!

But seriously though, look at this sweet face! I'd say he is going to be a very happy baby.

Welcome to the world baby Jacob! You're going to love it here...

And congratulations Julie and Jason on your family of 3. You all are beautiful together <3

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