Kelly & Jake | Waiting For Baby

I am so excited to share this gorgeous couple's session with you as they wait for their sweet baby girl to arrive <3

I met Kelly when I was almost 6 years old and she was just born. I've known her all of her life, so watching her begin her journey with her new little family is extra special for me. Isn't she just lovely??

She wears that little baby bump so well!

I really got to know Jake during their engagement session two years ago. I knew very quickly that he and Kelly were perfect for each other. And now, knowing the two of them together, I know they are going to be wonderful parents.

I should tell you though, they've already had a little bit of practice. They are already the proud parents of Daisy and Dolly! These two little doggies are the most "well-cared-for" (I won't say spoiled ;) haha!) fur babies on the planet! In fact, I look forward to the crazy snaps Kelly sends me of her little divas.

And they are going to make wonderful big sisters :)

One thing you don't know about Kelly & Jake, is that they are some of my best models :) It was actually 29 degrees the morning of this session.

They drove almost an hour to meet me at 6:30 in the morning for a sunrise session, all because their photographer (yep, I'm a crazy person) wanted sunrise light. I love it when a couple is up for my insane ideas. The photos are worth it!

So not only did they freeze their little tushies off (and their toes, and their fingers, and their noses, and their ears, and... well you get the point) but they did it with a smile.

If there are any two people deserving of the kind of love and joy that this baby girl will bring to the world, it is Kelly and Jake. They are kind, they are genuine, and they are fun. Baby is definitely a lucky little lady <3

Congratulations Kelly & Jake! I can't wait to meet that beautiful baby girl in less than 2 months! She is already so loved...

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