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Every mama needs photos with her babies...

As a mother myself, I can say that being a mom is one of the most fulfilling, rewarding, terrifying, stressful, beautiful things in the entire world.

We are constantly thinking, "Am I making the right decision for my child??" "Am I enough??" I'm here to tell you: you are. You are enough.

You are beautiful, you are smart, you are right, you are perfect for your child. They don't care what we weigh. They don't care if our hair is done and our makeup is on. They don't care if our house is spotless. They care if we are present. They care if we hug them. They care if we tuck them in for the 4th time in one night because they just don't want to be away from us.

I think that if we could see ourselves through the eyes of our children, that could be one of the greatest gifts to mothers everywhere. If we could see what they see in us, imagine how that could feel.

I was so excited to book this session with Victoria and her beautiful mama, Shannon. A mommy and me session is one of my favorites to shoot. There is so much love to capture and so many memories to hold still in a frame that I find myself so wrapped up in each photo and I never want to stop shooting.

There is always another angle; always another perspective to capture the connection between mother and child. Something that I noticed with this particular mother and daughter is that in almost every photo, Shannon can't stop looking at her Victoria.

There are a couple shots where I made her look at the camera, but all of my favorites are the raw, in the moment, so in love with her daughter photos. This love is real.

So, mommies, please make an effort to spend some time in front of the camera with your littles and your teens and your adult children. You won't regret it! And your kids will thank you for it.

They want photos of you - as you are - in your crazy, beautiful, hot mess, a little bit chunky, Friday can't come soon enough, bags under your eyes, I need my coffee, I'm going to miss this when they are grown state of being.

Trust me, you are the only mommy they get and they want to see you. Even when you are wrapped up in the day-to-day "who has soccer?" and "who needs help with their math?" and it seems the whole world doesn't see you... they do...

Happy Mother's Day! <3 Maria

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