Amy & Henleigh | Mommy & Me

Another fun Mommy & Me session!

Amy & Miss Henleigh are just adorable together!

Mommy & Me sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorite sessions! There is just something about that parent/child bond that I am obsessed with capturing on film!

Every relationship is unique... and every relationship is incredible in it's own way. Some children are quiet and reserved, others are crazy little packages of fun. Miss Henleigh is the latter. :)

You can just see the mischief in her sweet little smile. I loved working with her and her mom. They are so fun to be with. And photogenic for sure!

Henleigh really enjoys her independence, and Amy is amazing with her. She lets her explore her world and experience so much!

After all, there is so much to discover in this world. And Henleigh wants to see it all

And the best part, is that she will get to do it with her mama <3

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