Adeline | 8 Days New

This beautiful baby girl, with her perfect baby smile, is so happy to be here!

She is, without a doubt, the happiest baby I have ever photographed!

When she wasn't smiling, she was eating or snuggling in to sleep. Just check out this sweet baby yawn <3

Most importantly, though, she has just filled the hearts of these brand new parents.

Meet Emily. Adeline's mommy. She is an awesome mother! It's like she's been doing this forever. Motherhood looks gorgeous on her.

And this is Adeline's dad, Matt.

He is so good with her, and she had no trouble giving him some snuggles.

Don't worry, though, she has plenty of snuggles for both mom & dad.

Welcome to the world baby Adeline!

I know you just got here, but you are already sooooo loved.

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