Baby S. | 5 Days New

Welcome to the world, baby boy! We are so happy you're here!

You are welcomed into the arms, and hearts, of these two lovely people, and so so many more!

We can already see just how happy you are with them! That smile is so precious! And I just couldn't get enough of those tiny toes and that gorgeous head of hair.

This perfect baby boy slept so soundly for his entire session! Only a few wiggles to get resettled, then it was all sweet dreams <3

His mom & dad are photography enthusiasts, so I think they had just as much fun as their little man did!

They loved watching pose after pose and taking in how perfectly adorable their new baby boy is! They also had some adorable ideas for photos! His room is a travel theme, so between the three of us, we came up with quite possibly my most favorite set up ever...

We can't wait to watch you grow, baby boy!

You are going to have so many wonderful adventures and new things to explore with your mom & dad and the rest of your whole family.

They are so lucky to have you <3

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