Jaxon | 28 Days New

Welcome to the world baby boy!

I had THE BEST time with this little man and his family!

He was absolutely adorable! And even when he was awake he was pretty content! Wiggly, but content :)

I think his favorite was looking at mom and dad.

His eye contact is incredible and I could tell he really enjoyed the snuggles <3

The thing I love most about photographing babies that are approaching that one month milestone is the expressions! I know everyone hopes for the sleepy baby poses, but there is something so special about an awake newborn! I always wonder what they are thinking.

Or what they are trying to tell me lol! I mentioned before that Jaxon really enjoys his snuggles, and once he snuggled in with mom we got that sleepy baby that all photographers dream of.

I loved watching these brand new parents with their baby boy. They were so relaxed like they've been doing this forever! It was beautiful to see.

Welcome to the world Jaxon Taylor!

I know you've only been here for a few weeks, but you've been loved for so much longer <3

And congratulations Jake & Lindsay on your new little family of 3!

Parenthood looks lovely on you :)

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