Zigmund | 10 Days New

Welcome Zigmund Joseph! <3

Look who's wide awake and ready to party!! It's baby Ziggy! This little man is so stinking cute! Just like his big sis, who I had the pleasure of photographing when she was brand new!

Embry is so happy her baby brother is here! They have lots of trouble to get into together :)

Dana and Jon sure are lucky! What a gorgeous, sweet little family. I always love when they call me for photos. Watching families grow is my most favorite part of this job!

Now, back to baby Zig <3 We got quite a few awake shots! He wasn't even awake that long, but when he was... sooooo much personality! His expressions and eye contact were amazing, and I could tell he already has so much to say :)

I can't wait to watch this little guy grow...

He's going to do great things!

Welcome baby Zigmund <3 You are so loved

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