Penelope | 7 Days New

It doesn't get much better than this <3

Except for maybe this:

These boys are seriously in love with their new baby sister! Believe me when I say, she is going to be well cared for!

Baby Penny joined her brothers just one short week ago, and she is already so loved. Some of my favorite shots are each individual brother with her. They look so grown up and you can just see how much they adore her.

Penelope was a perfect baby model for her entire session! She slept the WHOLE 3 hours! She loved every pose and all of the snuggles.

And since we are being honest, I loved all of the snuggles too :)

Definitely my most favorite thing about my job.

Penny has the most gorgeous head of hair, perfectly sweet baby cheeks, ten long fingers and 10 tiny toes.

She is so perfect! Welcome to the world baby girl! We are so happy you're here!

And congratulations Shane & Allison on your beautiful family of 6!

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