Gabriella | 9 Days New

I would like you all to meet this perfect baby girl...

She is sooooo sweet!

And first time parents, Jenn & Stephen are beside themselves with joy for her!

As they should be!! From her wispy little hairs and her pouty little lips...

Down to her 10 perfect, teeny little toes...

She is everything they have dreamed of and more! When I photographed their maternity session a couple of months ago, I could just feel their anticipation... and now, watching them snuggle their brand new baby girl, I can feel that happiness times 1000!

My job is seriously the best!

Welcome to the world sweet Gabriella Rose!

You have many adventures ahead of you with these wonderful parents of yours.

So rest up! Because even though you've only been here a couple of weeks, you have been loved for so much longer... they have been waiting for YOU.

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