Paxton | 18 Weeks New

Welcome to the world baby boy!

We are so happy you are here! Here in this world, and here with your mommy & daddy where you belong <3

This baby boy is one of the strongest I've met. Born at just 27 weeks, 2 days and weighing a teeny tiny 2 pounds 8 ounces, this little guy is amazing! He spent 92 days in the NICU, but he is finally home where he belongs, growing by leaps and bounds every day.

He was so good for his session too. It took a while to get that deep sleep, but that just made for some beautiful awake shots with these gorgeous blue eyes!

And then, once we got that deep sleep, he settled in for some sweet snuggles.

Mom and dad had a few special props for this guy when I arrived. These sweet books being one prop set, but most importantly, they are preparing him for football season :)

He's definitely the cutest Cowboy fan I've ever seen...

From his 10 tiny fingers down to his sweet baby toes...

But football isn't the only fun this little guy has to look forward to. Go Blues!

Thank you Emily & Brandon for welcoming me into your home to photograph your whole life. Paxton is just perfect and I enjoyed every minute with the three of you.

Congratulations on your new little family of 3. Keep your eye on this one, he's definitely going places <3

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