Katie & Mia | Mommy & Me

Oh my, these two ladies <3 <3

Ya'll know how I feel about mommy & me sessions -- basically my favorite sessions after newborns -- and this session is no exception! These girls nailed it...

I'm pretty sure it's mostly because they are BFFs,

But also because Katie is such a great mom, and little Mia just thinks the world of her.

I met these two gorgeous ladies when Mia was just 9 days old! I have loved watching her grow, and I have loved watching her with her mama. They have so much fun together. They love to laugh...

and snuggle...

and play...

And best of all, Katie embraces Mia for the tiny person she already is.

Thank you, Katie & Mia, for choosing me to spend the afternoon with you, capturing your whole heart. <3

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