Pierce | 15 Days New

Look who's here <3

It's Pierce! And he is sooooo squishy!

From his sweet little nose, down to his 10 tiny toes...

He is just the sweetest!

He's been resting up, and growing a lot, these past few weeks! He has a lot of growing to do so he can keep up with his new best friend.

And while JJ is not entirely sure what to do with his new little bestie yet...

I know these two are going to be causing tons of trouble in no time :)

Although, by the looks of that sweet face. I think he and his brother will get away with a lot too hehe!

Congratulations, Theresa & Jeff, on your new perfect baby boy. You now have two perfect boys to love!

And welcome to the world, baby Pierce! We are so happy you're here <3

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