Drew | 13 Days New

Drew is here!

You've only been here for a few short weeks, but you have been loved for soooo much longer!

These three are so happy you're here! You've definitely settled in with them - right where you belong.

Baby Drew was an absolute doll for his session! Even when he was awake - which was about half of the session, he looked up at me with his big beautiful eyes and I could just see and feel his sweetness!

I think he's afraid he will miss something! He's already aware that there is so much fun to be had with his big sissy <3 <3

She just thinks he is the best thing ever! These two have so many adventures ahead of them.

He looks ready :)

Welcome to the world sweet baby Drew!

We have been waiting for you<3

And congratulations, Leigh Ann & Erik, on your brand new family of 4!

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