Colin | 39 Days New

I would love to invite all of you to help me in welcoming this sweet baby boy to the world!

Little Colin here is an extra special baby boy since he has an extra chromosome. But believe me when I tell you, there is #nothingdownabouthim <3

He is soooo sweet, and soooo alert! He loved watching me move around the room.

But more than that, he LOVES his big brothers. Almost as much as they love and adore him!

I didn't even have to ask these guys to snuggle their baby brother.

Congratulations, Katie & Adam, on your new little family of 5!

It was so great, having not seen you since college, now seeing you both with these three perfect boys.

It is quite a lovely life the two of you have built together.

And welcome to the world baby Colin, it was such a pleasure meeting you :)

Wrapped up in all of this love, you are going to great places...

and you are going to do amazing things <3

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