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About Me

Hi there!

I am Maria and I am the owner of Sketchbook Photography!  I started this little business when I became a mommy. I had been doing fine art and gallery work before that, but seeing my new sweet little bean I just had to learn portrait photography! I am now a mommy to two beautiful girls and my business has grown with them.  Although I must take a second to acknowledge the person that has supported this 100% of the way and that's my husband.  When I graduated college with a social work degree but then said I wanted to be an artist, he said ok.  When I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom he said, go for it. When I got my business license and wanted to put a studio in our basement he put up the dry wall.  His support has been paramount in building this business that I love.   I am also a lover of life, light, and all things that glitter!  My motto is "messes make memories" so I love to embrace life for what it really is... one great big, beautiful, wonderful mess and photographing that gives me such great joy.  My little family means everything to me.  And so I love nothing more than living this life with my people and photographing you with yours.  I hope you will allow me into your lives, even for just a few short hours, to preserve for you your most precious memories in print. 

                               Maria Truesdale

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St. Louis, Missouri

Tel: 314.591.7690

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