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Nyla | 13 Days New

Hello sweet girl <3

Last weekend I got to spend a full three hours with this beautiful family - a mom and a dad who are over the moon for their three sweet girls, and two big sisters who could not be more excited about their brand new baby sister - and it was perfection!

The love that Norah and Nazarene have for their baby sister already is so amazing to watch. All three of these girls are some of the sweetest I have ever met.

Watching them grow up together will be such a joy for their family.

And I can tell by her smiles that baby Nyla is already feeling the love that her family has for her.

She is already so content, fitting in right where she belongs -

In the arms and hearts of those who have prayed for her.

Welcome to the world, Nyla.

You're going to love it here.

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